10 Best Foods to Eat for Strong, Healthy Hair


9. Guava to Prevent Breakage

Guava helps in the faster and healthier growth of hair by boosting the collagen activity because of its enrichment with Vitamin C.

Guava is miraculous in its anti-breaking properties for hair. Moreover, it removes the dirt and grime buildup of hair and unclogs the follicles.

Guava leaves for hair growth
Image: icetocker / Thinkstock

10. Eggs for Growth

Eggs contain Biotin that is B vitamin, essentially required for hair growth and healthier scalp.

You can apply raw or eat eggs to your hair for just getting the essential biotin compounds out of them for your hair growth. This also participates in providing the iron to the scalp for nourishment. 

Which part of egg is good for hair
Image: MedMD


Hair fall is the main problem that is related to the deficiency of certain nutrients in our body. If this is not controlled, this may result in the resting phase of growth.

These are the essential nutrients for hair growth, anti-hair fall and shiny looks including zinc, biotin, iron, vitamin A, beta carotene and many others. You can obtained these nutrients naturally from foods like cinnamon, salmon, oysters, fruits, poultry feed, spinach and yogurt on regular basis.


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