10 Healing Foods That Fight Pain Naturally


10. The Rx: Hot Peppers

The Target: Arthritis
The Dose: Half a teaspoon of powder daily

Like turmeric, black pepper and a lot of other spices that enhance the taste of our food, hot peppers also have a lot of health benefits. The same hot peppers that bring tears in your eyes and burn your tongue also help you get rid of your pain.

There is an ingredient called capsaicin in hot peppers that helps you relieve your pain. It does that by stimulating the nerve endings and inhibits the activity if a chemical that is responsible for relaying the pain signals. Duke, who also uses capsaicin to reduce his own arthritis pain, says that you can buy creams that contain capsaicin at most of the pharmacies.

Hot Peppers for Arthritis Treatment

Though topical relief is the most effective solution for arthritis, eating hot peppers also has a lot of pain-fighting benefits. Duke says that he sprinkles some chili sauce on his food and adds peppers to his soup to reduce his arthritis pain. The hotter the pepper tastes, the more capsaicin it contains.

But, you need to be careful with hot peppers. You should wash your hands thoroughly after handling them and try not to touch your face or eyes before that. An amazing tip to cancel out the effect of hot pepper on your hands to clean them with a towel wet with milk. It works way better than water.

A lot of the above mentioned foods taste amazing. You should try to add them to your diet and take the suggested dose in order to reduce the pain and cure the causes behind it. Natural is always better than what we create. Try treating your pain by eating these foods regularly, instead of eating pain killers that cause a lot of side effects and you yourself will notice the change.


  1. These are really good ideas. These are things I use to know and I need to become aware of to be more healthy than I am today. Every bit of information helps. It doesn’t hurt to say it again.

  2. I have been praying for a new way to manage my pain. I decided that for every disease known to man God made a cure for it. In its natural form the herbs and spices taste better and are better tolerated by the body. Thanks

  3. I do not know whether already pounded turmeric are also good because I have been using them for a while especially in food but always get some pains in the body. Is there any other way of using that powdered one? Thanks.


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