10 Ridiculously Healthy Foods For Your Heart


Whether you are suffering from heart problems or not, it’s an era to play safe specifically in terms of health of your heart and mind. It’s a simplified task as AHA (American Heart Association) has estimated the quantities of iron, sodium, calcium, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, proteins and fibers present in every food.

Awareness about heart-friendly foods is definitely required. For that reason, Heart-Check Mark analysis of foods nutritional value was organized by AHA. The foods that met the standards had a red stamp of check mark on their labels.

Picking the right healthy foods can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. Here are 10 best foods that can save your heart.
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Here, 10 heart-healthy foods have been compiled that came up to the defined nutritional criteria set by AHA and are best foods to count on to while you are choosing your food in markets.

1. Best Dry Fruit: Walnuts

Why it’s heart healthy? Walnuts and various other nuts are great sources of omega-3s which are great choice for vegetarians if they cannot go for fish. Nuts lower LDL which lowers cholesterol level. Nuts are generally rich in vitamin E, L-arginine, Plant sterols and fibers besides omega-3 fatty acids. All the contents work in combination to lower cholesterol level prevent inflammations and blood clots in arteries.

Walnuts Heart Disease

How to choose? The ingredients per serving should have the following ratio: less than 4g saturated fats, 5g of trans fat, zero cholesterol, lesser than 140 mg of sodium and more than 10% of vitamins, calcium and fiber contents.

Where is it available? In packets or in large quantities at dry fruits market, nuts are available. Chopped walnuts and other nuts can be sprinkled over salads, desert or morning yogurt.

2. Best Vegetarian Protein: Legumes and Beans

Why it’s heart healthy? Fiber-containing legume varieties such as chickpeas, kidney beans, black beans and chickpeas supply around 6 to 8 g of fibers per half cup. Fibers are great at keeping lipids in blood in check to control cholesterol level in blood, according to Darlene Zimmerman, who is from Henry Ford Health Centre. No cholesterol, almost no fat and a lot of proteins, iron and folic acids is what beans gifts your body with.

How to choose? Choose beans which are low in sodium content so that more than 30% sodium can be washed away by thorough rinsing of canned beans.

Are Beans Good for a Diet

Where is it available? “S&W” deals with quality beans only and can provide you with beans with lower sodium content. You can add beans to salads, mixed vegetable delight, soups and other recipes.


  1. I am pretty sure that walnuts are not from the fruit family even though walnuts are the fruit from a tree when it reaches maturity on the tree. But i digress, walnuts are from the nuts and legumes family which falls in the fruit and nuts segment of the nutrition guide but CAN’T be called a fruit.


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