10 Ridiculously Healthy Foods For Your Heart


7. Best Dairy Product: Milk

Why it’s heart healthy? Washington State University declared organic milk as the best dairy product as it has the higher ratio of omega-3s to omega-6 fatty acids. What creates the difference is that organic milk has about 62% higher amount of omega 3s and 25 % lesser amount of omega-6s in comparison to inorganic regular milk.

How to choose? AHA has a standard 130 calories at maximum per glass of serving which organic milk should be meeting to make milk a healthier choice for your heart.

Why is milk and dairy good for you

Where is it available? Search for top-rating organic milk supplying farms. A farm promoting group from Cornucopia Institute rated and check marked 68 different dairy farms and their brands.

8. Best Whole Grain Food: Oat Bran

Why it’s heart healthy? Oat Bran keeps cholesterol level in check and endeavors to lower it as it does not have sodium and fat content. Layne Lieberman, representative of AHA tells that beta-glucan content of Oat Bran, which is a soluble fiber, has the ability to regulate sugar level of blood along with boosting up of the immune system. Studies have shown that five to ten grams of soluble fiber intake each day incredibly lowers cholesterol levels in people. Lowered cholesterol level prevents accumulation of substances in arterial walls which lead to blockages or constricted walls. Berg et al studied that it has reduced lipoprotein level that is major factor in the transport of fats and lipids through blood plasma. Additionally, Oat Bran has vitamin E which is the renowned and effective vitamin for protection of heart.

Oat Bran and Yogurt

How to choose? When it comes to choosing from various varieties of Oat Barn, choose the product which has less than 1 g saturated fat, 20 mg of cholesterol, less than 9 g sugar, 480 mg of sodium, and 51% of whole grain content.

Where is it available? Natural food stores usually have them. In a single serving, put 1/3 cup dried oat bran with a bit of smoothie or yogurt. You can add muffin mix or top it with some herbs to add more flavor. Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain Honey Oat bread is the best to choose from oat bran varieties.


  1. I am pretty sure that walnuts are not from the fruit family even though walnuts are the fruit from a tree when it reaches maturity on the tree. But i digress, walnuts are from the nuts and legumes family which falls in the fruit and nuts segment of the nutrition guide but CAN’T be called a fruit.


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