11 Surprising Uses for Vodka


Aside from its popularity among the Russian army and binge partying scene all over the globe, vodka has been hailed for its countless other benefits for over centuries. It is a powerful disinfectant, super effective pain reliever, and a strong natural cleaner. You can use it for countless amazing purposes around the house, and utilize it for some amazing money saving lifestyle hacks.

Vodka is cheap, and if you use it the right way, instead of chugging it down and becoming an alcohol, you can save yourself a great many expenses.

Keep a bottle of vodka on hand for a natural cleaning and disinfection solution.
Credit: Better Cure

Here are 11 most amazing ways to use Vodka and make your life much easier!

1. Relieve your toothache

A toothache or any kind of mouth pain can be excruciatingly painful and you can’t even eat properly. But rather than fixing up a dentist appointment, an easier and quicker fix would be a nice rinse with vodka.

Vodka is a super effective natural antiseptic that will kill the bacteria in your mouth and numb the aching area to provide instant relief.

Soothe toothaches

2. Natural Cleaning Solution

Synthetic chemical infused dishwashers and soaps can cause several skin allergies, along with other respiratory ailments. And besides, when you have vodka in the house, why resort to cleaning your dishes, fixtures and furniture with chemicals?

Clean windows and fixtures

So, start wiping away your furniture and décor pieces with a cloth soaked in vodka. It will clean away all impurities, and give off an extra sparkle around your house. If you want your windows to be shiny and clean, vodka is the best trick to make that happen.


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