13 Comfort Foods That Burn Fat


We all always feel guilty while devouring our comfort foods, while the truth is that some of these delights may actually help us shed some of those awful extra pounds.

Have you ever wondered, why are comfort foods called “comfort” foods? You see, they delight your taste buds, replenish our soul and treat us to some splendid memories that brim us with warmth. Even though most of our comfort foods are lathered with cheese, brimming with sugar and deep-fried in unhealthy oils. There are several comfort food choices that can help you lose weight easily.

Comfort foods are usually full of fat and calories, but these 13 comfort foods will actually help you burn fat and lose weight fast. #burnfatdiet #weightwatchersmeals #weightloss
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We’ve picked out 13 comfort foods that aid in burning fat and promoting weight loss.

Here, take a look:

1. Hot Chocolate

Cocoa is brimming with countless potently powerfully antioxidants, which aid in reducing down the levels of cortisol within your body. Cortisol is a stress hormone that encourages the body to store up belly fat. A recent study revealed that hot chocolate packs up five times more concentration of antioxidants as opposed to black tea.

Hot chocolate packs up a unique combination of carbohydrates and protein, which aids in speeding up muscle recovery after an exhausting workout session. If you want to multiply the nutritional benefits of your warm hot chocolate treat, add in a teaspoon of cinnamon. It is brimming with essential natural compounds that prevent fat storage, and make sure insulin doesn’t enter the blood stream.

The Hot Chocolate

2. Collard Greens

This hearty vegetable is brimming with vitamin A and K, which are essential to enhance the functioning of the immune system and promote a healthy metabolism. A recent research reveals that consuming foods packed with fibers aids in reducing the body’s ability to absorb calories from carbohydrates.

And one single serving of collard greens will load up your body with a whopping 7.6 grams of fiber, which will fill you up and promote weight loss at the cost of just 46 calories.

Juicing Collard Greens


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