15 Cancer Causing Foods You Could Be Eating Everyday


Let me tell you that most of the foods which are too hard to resist are not so good for your health. They are prepared artificially from flavors to colors and textures. Plus the packaging also risks the lives of the consumers. These foods are full of sugars and salts which are normally not available in nature.

What we are telling you are that do not let these mega food producers of the world exploit your wishes and push you to some risky diseases.

This article lists the 15 cancer causing foods to avoid, or at least consume in moderation. #cancercausingfoods #health #foodcausingcancer
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Here’s a list of 15 such food items that are completely artificial and are dangerous for your health. Let’s get a look at them.

1. Microwave popcorn

Do you prepare a pack of popcorn in the oven every time you sit for a movie? The popcorns are a healthy snack but the one you consume after the microwave is not safe. Here’s why you should avoid them. In those microwave packs in which these popcorns are packaged is a line of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). It is carcinogenic. It causes the onset of tumor production in the kidney, liver, pancreas, testicles, and bladder.

Microwave Popcorn Cause Cancer
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2. Soda waters

Due to the very high levels of sugar in soda, it is already not a good thing to consume. It leads to obesity, insulin intolerance and inflammation in parts of the body.

Apart from the sugar excess, it has various artificial colors and other chemical substances which are derived from 4-methylimidazole (4-MI). It is a carcinogenic chemical.

Soda Water Cause Cancer
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3. Canned and packaged food

Canned food is a solution for many people who don’t get fresh food. However, it has its own demerits. The cans in which these foods are packed are made of aluminum lined with bisphenol-A (BPA).

Acidic foods like tomatoes are especially risky as the acid leeches the BPA and adds it to the food. Nowadays, there are packagings that are BPA free. Try buying them if you really need canned food.

Canned and Packaged Foods Cause Cancer
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4. Crisps

The potato chips you are eating have lost of additives and flavor makers added to each packet. They are nonfood substances for your body. The method of preparing these chips is also not suitable for health.

For attaining the crispy texture, the potato is fried at ultra-high temperatures yielding acrylamide as a byproduct. It is the same substance found in cigarettes and is carcinogenic in nature.

Potato Chips Cause Cancer
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5. Processed, smoked, and red meats

From steaks to sausages you like to have in your meal every day is also a potent source of carcinogenic elements in the body.

Most of the processed contain sodium nitrate as a preservative while the smoked food develops tar. Either of the substances is carcinogenic. Plus, red meat naturally has a characteristic element of risking the consumer to cancer by 22%.

Processed, Smoked and Red Meats Cause Cancer
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6. Salmon from the farm

You might have heard about how rich salmon is in Omega-3, the good fats. But it isn’t the complete information which you should know. The salmon we get today is farmed and fed with unhealthy ready-made food which has an unmeasured amount of pesticides, antibiotics and other chemicals. They have huge carcinogenic tendencies. Therefore, the farmed salmon meat is full of those chemicals yielding to poor health.

The mercury, dioxins and the carcinogenic PCBs are so harmful to your health that you should avoid eating it altogether. If you really want to eat it, look for the wild-caught label on it.

Farmed Salmon Cause Cancer
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7. Vegetable oil

You might have heard vegetable oil as one of the healthy oils. The problem with that is the extraction of oil from the source is very difficult. The process which is adopted involves a lot of chemical treatment leading to hydrogenation of the oil rendering it useless.

Furthermore, colors and flavor enhancers are added to it to make it tastier for the people. The food you eat from outside contains a lot of it. It has great potential for causing cancers by interfering cell anatomy.

Vegetable Oil Cause Cancer
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8. White flour

During the refining process to make the flour fine most of its nutritional content is destroyed. Some mills add bleaching agents like chlorine to the flour in immeasurable amounts.

The end product has high levels of glycemic content which raise the blood levels of sugar. This situation is supportive for cancer to multiply as tumors thrive on such high levels of sugar.

White Flour Cause Cancer
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9. Genetically modified food

Owing to the risks to agriculture and growing food demand, GMO has become really common. Yet they do not pass any screening tests for the level of nutrition they hold in them for the humans.

In research conducted recently with rats, all the rats showed an onset of cancer when they were consuming GMOs. In countries like America they have occupied the entire market yet Europe has banned their consumption.

Genetically Modified Foods Cause Cancer
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10. High fructose corn syrup

As already mentioned, a high sugar environment is one favorite environment for the growth of cancer. It might not cause it but can cause proliferation.

The unconscionable levels of sugar and HFCS that are the part of the food today can allow cancer to grow rapidly. So, one should switch them with natural alternatives and lower levels of consumption.

High Fructose Corn Syrup Cause Cancer
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11. Flavor enhancers

Avoiding white sugar does not mean to switch to another risky substance. They as claimed do not maintain sugar levels in the blood. Also, it makes calories tracking for you nearly impossible.

You begin to crave for more sweets. And, it contains chemicals like aspartame also called DKP. It further releases cancer-causing chemicals during digestion.

Flavor Enhancers Cause Cancer
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12. Liquor

Too much alcohol can wreak havoc in your body. Your liver will be under constant stress.

Other parts of the gut are also risked to get cancers of various kinds e.g. rectum cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer and of course liver cancer. The risk is doubled if you are a woman in your late forties in her menopause period.

Avoid taking no more than a glass a day if you love it so much.

Liquor Cause Cancer
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13. Non-organic fruits and vegetables

Nowadays, the greens are also not safe. They are loaded with lots of pesticides like Atrazine which is carcinogenic as well as cause reproductive health concerns.

Plus, chemicals like thiodicarb and organophosphates are present abundantly on the surfaces of the vegetables and fruits.

Hence, inorganic fruits and vegetable are riskier than consuming any vegetables at all. But to live your best go for organic alternatives.

Non Organic Fruits and Vegetables Cause Cancer
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14. Pickled vegetables

So do you enjoy a pickle along with your food or in your wraps? Do you know these pickled foods have nitrates and nitrites added to them along with coloring agents? Plus, the unimaginable high level of salt too is all too risky for a good healthy body.

Avoid taking them on daily routine as these substances cause an onset of cancer.

Pickled Vegetables Cause Cancer
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15. Hot beverages

Every morning each of us would want a huge cup of coffee or tea to be served in bed, No? Yeah, we all love it. These hot beverages can seriously damage your digestive tract and also contains chemicals that can cause cancers.

Avoid them if you want to live longer.

Hot Beverages Cause Cancer
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All this discussion was not to make you stop eating at all. You can eat definitely. Substitute the foods where alternatives are available and reduce the quantity intake where there is no alternative. This will help you in the longer run, believe me.


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