15 Cancer Causing Foods You Could Be Eating Everyday


6. Salmon from the farm

You might have heard about how rich salmon is in Omega-3, the good fats. But it isn’t the complete information which you should know. The salmon we get today is farmed and fed with unhealthy ready-made food which has an unmeasured amount of pesticides, antibiotics and other chemicals. They have huge carcinogenic tendencies. Therefore, the farmed salmon meat is full of those chemicals yielding to poor health.

The mercury, dioxins and the carcinogenic PCBs are so harmful to your health that you should avoid eating it altogether. If you really want to eat it, look for the wild-caught label on it.

Farmed Salmon Cause Cancer
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7. Vegetable oil

You might have heard vegetable oil as one of the healthy oils. The problem with that is the extraction of oil from the source is very difficult. The process which is adopted involves a lot of chemical treatment leading to hydrogenation of the oil rendering it useless.

Furthermore, colors and flavor enhancers are added to it to make it tastier for the people. The food you eat from outside contains a lot of it. It has great potential for causing cancers by interfering cell anatomy.

Vegetable Oil Cause Cancer
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8. White flour

During the refining process to make the flour fine most of its nutritional content is destroyed. Some mills add bleaching agents like chlorine to the flour in immeasurable amounts.

The end product has high levels of glycemic content which raise the blood levels of sugar. This situation is supportive for cancer to multiply as tumors thrive on such high levels of sugar.

White Flour Cause Cancer
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