15 Cancer Causing Foods You Could Be Eating Everyday


9. Genetically modified food

Owing to the risks to agriculture and growing food demand, GMO has become really common. Yet they do not pass any screening tests for the level of nutrition they hold in them for the humans.

In research conducted recently with rats, all the rats showed an onset of cancer when they were consuming GMOs. In countries like America they have occupied the entire market yet Europe has banned their consumption.

Genetically Modified Foods Cause Cancer
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10. High fructose corn syrup

As already mentioned, a high sugar environment is one favorite environment for the growth of cancer. It might not cause it but can cause proliferation.

The unconscionable levels of sugar and HFCS that are the part of the food today can allow cancer to grow rapidly. So, one should switch them with natural alternatives and lower levels of consumption.

High Fructose Corn Syrup Cause Cancer
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11. Flavor enhancers

Avoiding white sugar does not mean to switch to another risky substance. They as claimed do not maintain sugar levels in the blood. Also, it makes calories tracking for you nearly impossible.

You begin to crave for more sweets. And, it contains chemicals like aspartame also called DKP. It further releases cancer-causing chemicals during digestion.

Flavor Enhancers Cause Cancer
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