15 Low-Calorie Foods That Can Speed Up Weight Loss


3. Artichoke Hearts

Artichoke hearts are an excellent source of hunger-satiating fiber, and just one cup is all you need to load up on an impressive 8 grams of this appetite-reducing nutrient.

What’s more, artichoke hearts are also packed with rich concentrations of magnesium and vitamin C, which aid in reducing the risk factors that lead to the development of the coronary heart disease.

Artichoke hearts can be steamed, roasted, boil and even baked, you can add them to dip sauces, salads, stews, pastas casseroles, and even baked treats. You can also create a puree of artichoke hearts along with lemon juice, olive oil and white beans.

Artichoke for Weight Loss
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4. Baby Spinach

Baby spinach is undoubtedly one of best water-packed vegetables that pack up a wide range of nutrients and very little calories. It is amazingly filling and satiating, and 3 large bowls of this rich and flavorful leafy green will give your body only 20 calories and several energizing nutrients.

You can add this delight to your casseroles, salad beds made with these leafy greens, sandwiches, dips with feta cheese, basil and Greek yogurt, sandwiches, omelettes, baked treats, pastas, and a lot more.

Baby spinach is also a great ingredient for protein-packed smoothies and green juices.

Organic Spinach for Weight Loss
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5. Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs and leafy greens, such as tarragon, parsley, chives, mint, cilantro, and basil, are one of the best spring foods that pack up heaps of water, countless powerful nutrients, loads of flavour and very few calories.

These herbs mostly contain water, and if you’re trying to reduce your salt consumption to eliminate symptoms of bloating and heaviness or even indigestion, adding these flavourful and aromatic herbs to your meals is the best way to make sure your weight loss diet is satiating and filling.

You can use fresh mint to make a fresh weight loss-friendly salad with cubed watermelon, grilled chicken, baby spinach, baked tofu and some feta cheese. Garnish the salad with some lime juice, pepper, basil, salt, and extra virgin olive oil to boost the flavour and nutritional value.

Herbs for Weight Loss That Work
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