15 Low-Calorie Foods That Can Speed Up Weight Loss


14. New potatoes

New potatoes are packed with water and they are a powerful source of fiber, providing a whopping 4 grams of fiber with one medium-sized potato. If you’re seeking to lose some weight without depriving yourself of flavour and nutrients, these waxy spuds are the best spring veggie to add to your grocery list.

Research reveals that boiled potatoes are the best foods to eat for increased satiation so your body is filled and you don’t end up devouring untimely snacks and processed treats.

Try to make your potatoes with a healthy carb-free twist, for instance, you can bake them after marinating with spices and olive oils or even roast them with herbs and olive oil.

You can also boil the potatoes and then, mash them to create baked treats, or boil them and cool them off to create a lovely grilled salmon salad, with watercress, vinaigrette and peas.

How to Eat Potatoes for Weight Loss
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15. Peas

Peas are widely regarded as both, vegetables and legumes, and if you’re seeking to add some to your weight loss diet, pick out green peas for they pack up the richest concentration of satiating and waist-slimming fiber.

One cup of green peas will provide you a whopping 8 grams of fiber. Spring is the best time to shop for fresh peas, and they are a great deal more nutritious and beneficial that frozen varieties that we shop throughout the year.

Peas are an incredibly versatile food item and you can add them to any given recipe, be it a baked chicken, grilled meat, turkey salad, soups, sautéed peas with grilled salmon, pastas, stews, grain casseroles and a lot more.

Dried Peas for Weight Loss
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