23 Foods That Could Lower Your Risk of Cancer


Cancer is without doubt one of the scariest and strength depriving illnesses that, according to research, claims the lives of over 8 million patients all over the globe, and these death statistics are only expected to rise in the years to come.

Amidst all these terror-inducing tolls, when must also take into consideration that fact that nearly one-third of the deaths resulted due to cancer are caused by dietary risks and unhealthy behaviors. The truth is that despite the fact that cancer is a dangerous life-threatening disease, its risk and symptoms can still be eliminated if your preventive regime contains the essential nutrients present in superfoods.

Studies suggest that people who eat these 23 foods have a lower risk of cancer and other serious diseases. #cancerfightingfoods #health #healthyeating
Credit: Better Cure

We have compiled a list of 23 healthiest foods that can help you create a highly effective cancer-fighting regime, along with enriching your body with a miraculous array of healing benefits and nutritious powers.

1. Garlic

Research reveals that a daily intake of garlic work wonders at preventing and eliminating the risk of gastric cancer.

If you really want to cut down your risk for this horrid disease, add liberal amounts of garlic to your daily diet in the form of soups, teas, salads, and casserole meals.

Cancer Garlic

2. Blueberries

Blueberries are the tastiest and healthiest superfoods because of their mighty nutrient-rich profiles of powerful antioxidants, fiber and vitamins.

There are several studies to validate the claim that blueberries are highly effective at naturally reducing and controlling blood pressure level because of their incredibly rich dose of antioxidants.

Blueberry Diet for Cancer Patients


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