23 Foods That Could Lower Your Risk of Cancer


15. Essential Oils

Extra virgin olive oil is brimming with a wondrous natural compound, called oleocanthal, which is highly effective at killing cancer cells as quickly as 30 minutes after its consumption. It’s one of the best foods to add up to a cancer prevention regime.

Virgin coconut oil is recommended as the best natural remedy to help breast cancer patients eliminate the side-effects of chemotherapy. It not only invigorates their mind or body, but also improves their lifestyle and life quality.

A recent study that studied late stage breast cancer patient revealed that, the patients who were administered 10ml of virgin coconut oil twice every day for a period of one week during their chemotherapy sessions experienced less breathing issues, insomnia and bouts of fatigue.

Furthermore, they also felt a reduction in symptoms like lack of hunger and lack of sexual functioning, along with experiencing an improvement in the health breast, and an overall positive outlook about their body.

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16. Coffee

Here’s a delightful piece of information for coffee lovers: your favourite aromatic beans are one of the best preventive foods for liver cancer.

Research reveals that coffee prevents and eliminates the symptoms of liver cancer by influencing liver enzymes, which kill carcinogens that can lead to cancer.

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17. Broccoli

Health experts believe that broccoli is one of the most nutritious foods that nature has to offer, and its benefits range from healing chronic ailments, to energizing and strengthening the body.

All you need is one cup of broccoli every day to invigorate your body with a startling 135% of your daily dose of vitamin C and you’re a whopping 116% of your daily dose for Vitamin K.

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