23 Foods That Could Lower Your Risk of Cancer


18. Leafy Greens

Leafy green veggies, such as beet greens, spinach, chard, arugula, kale and amaranth leaves, are one of the healthiest superfoods that you must add to your daily diet as they prevent and eliminate several chronic ailments.

Research reveals that individuals who devour a daily serving of leafy greens cut down their risk for developing bladder cancer.

Dark leafy green veggies pack a powerful dose of several essential nutrients, such as Vitamins A, B, C and K, along with folate, which not only energize the body, but also strength the cardiovascular system. You can enjoy these nutrient-rich veggies in salads, soups, casseroles and even sauces.

Green Veggie Diet

19. Mushrooms

For centuries, mushrooms have been hailed for their countless medicinal and health-related benefits, and modern medical science is also acknowledging and endorsing them a nutrient-rich food to encourage healing and growth.

A recent study revealed that white button mushrooms are highly effective at eliminating and preventing the symptoms of cancer tumors and certain virus by increasing the killer cell function performed by the immune system. Their mighty powerful antioxidant profile allows them to shield the body against several types of cancers.

White Mushroom Health Benefits

20. Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts are an incredibly powerful source of fiber, Vitamins A, C and K, and folate. They are also brimming with bone-strengthening manganese, indole-3 carbinol, and sulforaphane, which are highly effective nutrients to prevent and eliminate the symptoms of cancer.

How to Bake Brussel Sprouts in the Oven


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