25 Foods to Boost Your Heart Health


19. Whole Grains

Gluten-free whole grains, such as rice, and oat bran, are a wonderful addition to your heart-healthy diet for they work wonders at regulating and normalizing cholesterol levels.

It’s ideal if you steer clear of processed and refined grains, for they are brimming with glutens that not only trigger diabetes type 2, but have also been scientifically linked with the symptoms, such as clogged arteries, which contribute to several heart ailments.

Best Sources of Whole Grains

20. Apples

Apples and their peels are brimming with antioxidants, fibers, pectin and protective polyphenols, which protect cholesterol levels from the attacks of damaging free radicals. All varieties of apples are brimming with pectin, which plays a pivotal role in blocking the absorption of cholesterol, along with heaps of fiber, which flush out cholesterol levels.

A recent study revealed that eating one apple every day aids in cutting down LDL or bad cholesterol levels by a whopping 40%.

Weight Loss with Apple

21. Oranges

Oranges are brilliantly rich sources of pectin, vitamin C and a flavonoid that aids the body in reducing the symptoms of arterial inflammation and blood pressure levels. It also loads up a powerful concentration of hesperidin, a plant-based chemical that enhances the blood flow towards the heart.

Most importantly, oranges brim you up with vitamin C, which is the best vitamin to shield the heart against the symptoms of stroke.

Orange is Good for Weight Loss

22. Red Wine

Red wine is brimming with resveratrol, a naturally occurring compound that holds wondrously powerful antioxidant properties, which not only aid the body in fighting off the symptoms and spread of cancer, but also promote the health of the heart. Dark-hued berries and grapes are the richest sources of resveratrol.

Madirans and Cabernets are packed with powerfully high densities of an essential antioxidant, called procyanidins, which aids in the reduction of cholesterol levels, and enhances the overall health of the arteries.

However, you must consume red wine in mindfully moderate servings, no more than one or two glasses a day.

Dark Wine Red



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