25 Foods to Boost Your Heart Health


23. Grapefruit

Grapefruits are brimming with vitamin C, an essential vitamin that has scientifically proven as one of the best nutrients to shield the heart against the symptoms of stroke, along with lowering cholesterol levels.

However, if you are taking a statin, such as Lipitor, taking heart medications or sexual stimulation supplements like Viagra, it’s best if you steer clear of this juicy treat because it contains certain natural compounds that create toxic effects when mixed with the above mentioned medications.

Losing Weight with Grapefruit

24. Avocado Oil

Derived from a nutrient-rich fruit, several researchers have highlighted the heart-healthy properties of avocado oil due to its powerful concentration of fatty acids.

It is a splendid choice for a cooking oil as it holds the ability to alter fatty acids present within the tissues surrounding the heart.

A recent study revealed that avocado oil plays a vital role in preventing the arteries from hardening, which is a principal cause of heart diseases.

Avocado Oil as Face Moisturizer

25. Green Tea

For centuries, ancient Chinese medicine practitioners and herbalists have regarded green tea for its countless benefits on the physical and mental wellbeing, along with curing a wide range of chronic ailments.

Green tea is brimming with catechin and essential antioxidants, called flavonoids, which are capable of inducing multiple benefits to enhance the health of the cardiovascular system, such as reducing and preventing the formation of blood clots.

A recent study reveals that a hot and soothing cup of green tea is all you need to reduce and normalize blood pressure levels.

Best Way to Drink Green Tea for Weight Loss


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