5 Best Foods For Your Bones


Your body’s complete structure is based on your bones. They not only protect the vital organs of your body (for example, your heart and brain) but also help you in maintaining stability, performing movements and basically, the complete framework of your body depends upon your bones. To make your bones healthy and strong, you need to eat healthy food and spend some time exercising.

Katherine Tucker, PHD, who is Tufts University bone researcher, says that there is a constant process of building up and breaking down in healthy bones and they require specific nutrients, besides vitamin C and D to maintain that balance.

Food for Strong Bones and Joints
Credit: Better Cure

Some of these important nutrients to improve your bone health are mentioned below:

1. Potassium

Potassium maintains the body’s acid levels, keeping it in a narrow range that helps to keep healthy bones strong. Potassium is very important and our body needs 4,700 mg potassium per day. Some main sources of potassium include some fruits, potatoes, green leafy vegetables, fish, raisins and yogurt.

To consume the recommended potassium every day, you should drink orange juice (6 ounces contain 1,435 mg potassium), eat raisins (one cup contains 1,086 mg potassium), fish (one fillet has 916 mg potassium in it) and drink fat free milk (8 ounces contain 850 mg potassium).

Should You Take Potassium Supplements


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