5 Healthy Beverages That Fight Heart Disease


4. Black Tea

A powerful beverage that will energize your mind and fight against all kinds of heart ailments. Black tea is so amazingly healthy because after the leaves get harvested and dried, they undergo the process of fermentation, which dramatically alters the chemical composition of black tea leaves. They brim up with an assortment of incredibly healthy antioxidants, which enhance the health and functioning of the heart.

Several studies have highlighted a direct link between the daily consumption of black tea and reduced levels of bad or LDL cholesterol levels, along with a reduction in the risk factors contributing to heart strokes.

Moreover, research also reveals that black tea plays a detrimental role in enhancing the functioning of blood vessels, and improving the flow of blood in the coronary arteries.

Black Tea Benefits Weight Loss

The best way to enjoy all its protective phytochemical properties is to allow it to steep as long as possible. Be sure to drink it hot, for iced tea versions are usually diluted. Avoid those horrid bottled and processed varieties as antioxidants can’t retain their potency for long periods of times. Also, avoid adding sweeteners, artificial flavours and milk, and just enjoy 2-3 cups every day for effective protection against heart ailments.


  1. I think that my heart disease is to far advanced for any of these drinks to help me. However I appreciate this article, you don’t see anyone talk about heart healthy drinks. Doctors just preach of switching to a plant based diet, and leave it at that. Thank you for talking about this.

  2. Wonderful health talk about the heart. the heart is an important part of our whole body so we must take proper care of it @ all time.thanks for advice on it

  3. First thanks for your health infos. Please my life killing problem is daily mouth odors, please what is the final curing solution. If I wait for few days without solution I think is better to kill myself than to love again. Thanks

  4. Killing yourself isn’t the right solution. Please Get good mouth wash. Sometimes I have it when I don’t spend enough time brushing my tongue.


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