5 Healthy Foods You Can Easily Overeat


There are certain foods which are very healthy but can be mistakenly overeaten. People stick to these foods to lose weight but excessive consumption of these foods eventually stops the weight from getting reduced.

It is wise to know that every food should be eaten in a balance. Oversized proportions do not help in reducing weight, rather they increase the weight.

Here are 5 healthy foods you can eat a lot of without getting fat.
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Let us have a look at the foods that can be easily overeaten and let us have a look at some suggestions too.

1. Ready-to-Eat Cereal

Almost everyone knows that sugar-sweetened cereals are less healthy and more fattening. Those who want to lose some extra pounds always opt for whole grain cereals. But even eating whole grain cereals excessively can be a disaster. Having a huge bowl of granola everyday would not help you lose weight, instead you will gain weight. Eating cereals is healthy but the right proportion should always be kept in mind.

Grains in Cereal

Nutritionists recommend eating one ounce of cereal daily. It is very important to read the label of cereal before eating it. Calculate how many calories are there in one serving and how much you should be taking.

2. Olive Oil

Olive oil is considered to be very healthy and good for the heart too. This is true, yet its overconsumption can result in weight gain as it after all has calories too. One tablespoon of olive oil has about a hundred calories. Nutritionists recommend that your olive oil based salad should not have more than two tablespoons of oil in it. Yet the salads served at restaurants have almost four tablespoons of olive oil in them.

Olive Oil High Cholesterol

It is better to ask for olive oil separately next time you order a salad at an eatery.


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