5 Healthy Foods You Can Easily Overeat


3. Nuts

Nuts are loaded with healthy fats and nutrients. It is good to eat them daily. They contain iron and omega-3 fatty acids too. Nuts also keep our tummy full. However, there is a good chance of overeating them and thus providing unnecessary calories to your body.

Chances of overeating nuts is when you are having them with a friend at a bar or eating them from a big jar at home.

Nutritionists recommend eating one ounce of nuts daily. This means a handful of nuts, almost the size of a golf ball. Nuts should always be eaten in small servings and should be placed in small jars or packs.

Nut Based Diet

4. Hummus

Hummus is a dip made from chick peas. It has proteins and omega-3 fatty acids which tend to be very healthy.

Fresh vegetables added to hummus make a delicious snack. However, you can overeat hummus too without even realizing. Chances of overeating hummus are when you are eating it out of a big tin or at a cocktail party with your friends. This will give you unwanted calories.

Home made Hommus

It is suggested to eat two tablespoons of hummus. You can add carrots, celery and olives to it to make it a full snack. This will give you lots of nutrients as well.


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