5 Signs Of Skin Cancer Other Than A New Mole


There’s a great deal of information and guidelines available to aid you in spotting moles that are cancerous, however, other than the moles, there are several other essential signs you must look out for. For instance, melanoma, a kind of skin cancer that appears up as a bizarrely funky mole, which happens to be the most risky kind of skin cancer. However, melanoma isn’t the only type of skin cancer, and therefore, the emergence of a new mole or change in an existing one isn’t the only aspect that should cause alarm.

Skin derived cancers, such as squamous cells or basal cell, are known as the non-melanoma skin cancers since they are not derived from moles. In simpler words, these skin derived cancers don’t trigger the emergence of any kind of moles, and if you’re busy looking for moles the whole time, how will you spot non-melanoma cancers?

Here, take a look at the 5 non-mole signs of skin cancer that you need to keep a look out for. #skincancer #skincancer
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Research reveals that squamous cell and basal cell skin cancers are far more prevalent than melanoma, and therefore, it is imperative that we all educate ourselves about their symptoms, risks and signs. Furthermore, even melanoma has a series of severe symptoms that have very little do with moles.

Here, take a look at the 5 non-mole signs of skin cancer that you need to keep a look out for:

1. Red Scaly Lumps

Squamous cell carcinomas tend to exhibit their presence by triggering the emergence of warts or scabs-like red scaly lumps that can also be rough brown patches in certain cases. As is the case with all lesions and skin wounds, these horridly scaly lumps never go away.

If the lesion or lump has resulted due to a normal skin tissue, it should take no more than a week or two to heal back to its normal state, however, if it doesn’t seem to budge, you must check it out at once.

Dry Skin Itchy Bumps


  1. I have one that looks similar to this on my upper left thigh. I will have it looked at. My mother says out looks like a puffy mole but it looks like a blood clot trapped under this puffiness????

  2. I have a white bump like in the picture #5. It is fairly recent. It looks like a white head but there it’shard.



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