50 Healthiest Foods For Women


Review your menu according to these superstar foods in the world of nutrition.

These foods claim conceitedly of their superpowers that include: prevention from chronic and common diseases of present times like cancer, diabetes, heart attacks and other heart problems; strengthening of your immune system; protection from skin problems by getting you a smoother skin; helping you in maintenance of weight-height balance; and helping you lose weight in case of obesity. They do seem to be great and unbelievable claims but remember that your food has got solution to all your problems. You are what you eat.

Check out the 50 superfoods for women that help fight cancer and heart disease, build strong bones, and burn fat. #womenhealth #healthyfood #healthyeating
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If these foods are already part of your daily routine, then, you must be benefiting from them a lot. Your health is important, so count on these 50 super foods to a smarter and healthier lifestyle.

1. Lychee

A study in France experimented and observed all fruits and found lychee to be standing at second-highest point for possessing heart-healthy polyphenols. They are vital compounds against degenerative cancerous diseases. You can add lychee to fries on kebabs made of chicken to add a sour-sweet taste of grapes to them.

Lychee Berry

2. Tomatoes

Red and juicy tomatoes are excellent health experts in themselves. Overlooking the personification, they really are magical in their effects as they protect you against heart problem and breast cancer with the help of an antioxidant, lycopene. They are rich in vitamin A, E and C and prevent you from pancreatic cancer. Instead of taking tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce, eat them in raw form or coat them with garlic powder, pepper, salt and olive oil and bake them for 20 minutes. The baked tomatoes can be served along with chicken.

What do tomatoes do for you

3. Pomegranates

Pomegranates are connected to health of heart as well as mind. Polyphone of pomegranate, according to recent research, assists arterial wall in contraction and relaxation to maintain a continuous blood flow in body and prevents stiffness of walls. Another research says that their antioxidants are functional in terms of infection removal, specifically, in Alzheimer’s disease. Not just the seeds but the pith has fruitful and healthy compounds for you so enjoy a bit of pith too.

Pomegranate Weight Loss

4. Bananas

A good potassium source is bananas. Potassium is a macro-nutrient which maintains BP and nervous system functioning to the optimal level. Banana has 450 milligrams of potassium, which makes up only 10% of our daily need. It possesses fibers, too, for normal functioning of stomach.

Banana Heart Health

5. Onions

Onions have double power of polyphenols,, unlike garlic, and have flavonoids. These powers work together to lower stress and risk for developing cancer. Onion has properties that act against diabetes and heart disease. Chromium in onions regulates sugar level in your body.

Do Onions Thin Your Blood


    • Rovina
      I tried lychee for the first time a week ago . They were really good. I eat it as frut by itself or you can check online how to make ambosio dessert using lychee.

  1. Great stuff, I am thankful that I already consume at least 70% of the things listed. Would like to know more about the lychee fruit. Where does it grow, best climate / soil ph and other details also where we can obtain seeds?

  2. This was a great list except for dairy and meat. Both have proven links to cancer. All veggies and fruits consumed should only be organic.


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