6 Exercises That Will Teach You How To Strengthen Knees


If you feel severe pain in your knees and they feel like beaten with a hot iron rod, you are absolutely not alone in this. According to a study posted in Gallup-health ways, 26% of the adults are suffering in knee pain.

There are a lot of different reason that may cause knee pain. They are sometimes due to not using them enough, using more, imbalance in the muscles, flexibility restrictions and sometimes the small factors can lead to higher problems. Whatever the reason is, you don’t have to bear the pain or survive with this.

Just try these few stretches and exercises with warm-up routines and see the difference in few days. #exercise #fitness #strengthenknee
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Just try these few stretches and exercises with warm-up routines and see the difference in few days.


While creating movement, it is the primary function of the ankle to pivot that enables the hip and knee to synergistically move together. One of the main reason of ankle discomfort and injury is rigid and stiff ankles. Ankle band distraction flosses the stiffen joints, while enhancing the range of motions, and help the nutrients to get into the joints and reduces pain.

Ankle Band Distractions

How To Do It:

Twist one side of the band around the strong base and the other band around your ankle. Now drop the staggered stance with the leg that is banded in front of the other leg. Creep out the banded leg until you feel stiffness in the leg. Now bring the knee at front till you are comfortable. Make sure your banded foot is firm on the earth and rotate your ankle side by side to release tension in your knee. Repeat the exercises for 40 to 45 minutes on each side for few days, until the pain goes away.


This is the wonderful and great way to let the tissues work. Fitness experts use this move for their lower back, hips, and other troubled and irritated areas. But there is one part of the body that rarely gets attacked in regular gym activities and these are THE SHINS. They never feel terrible or hurt so that’s the reason they got ignored more often. The area doesn’t hurt but it doesn’t mean it won’t cause any other problem. They contribute a lot in knee pain. According to my personal experience, the one who suffers from knee pains feels so much discomfort while rolling shins but remember not everyone but few people.

How To Do It:

Put a roller at the base of your ankles and place your body on the ground like you do while push-ups. In order to address and expose the shin muscles, bend your toe towards the midline of the body. Make sure your shins are pressed against the roller with great strength now bring them till your knees slowly and control the gradual pressure. Putt your weight on the foam for high intensity and for less intensity ease back on it. Looking for hot spots while rolling and moving the foot to and fro or up and down is one of my favourite moves. Give 45 minutes to each side.


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