6 Heart Disease Risk Factor You Haven’t Been Paying Attention To – But Should


We all want to make healthy choices and live a stronger, healthier and fuller life. But aside from abstaining from smoking, eating mindfully and working out every day, there are still certain risk factors that put our health into danger. The greatest possible risk to our health is always all around us, it envelops us like a thick cloud and we can’t seem to escape it. Yes, it is none other than air pollution. There are countless studies that reveal air pollution can be extremely toxic for the heart, and it puts you at risk for contracting a heart disease. Air pollution is fueled by the fine particulates emitted from fires, factories, smoking and motor vehicles, and it causes serious damage to your blood vessels.

Air pollution is also responsible for causing inflammation in healthy youngsters and adults, and it is increasingly putting us all at risk for heart ailments. Researchers reveal that air pollution and heart diseases are strongly linked, especially heart strokes and attacks. And such results are not just prevalent in older and middle-aged individuals, but also healthy youngsters. Air pollution affects us all, even if our body is healthy and we don’t have any of the other risk factors.

Plaque Heart Disease

Polluted urban life has been ruled out as a major and largely prevalent cause of heart diseases. A recent study revealed that individuals who tend to spend more time outdoors and have a greater exposure to high levels of air population tend to experience increased blood sugar levels, and their cholesterol levels also tend to worsen. As compared to individuals who get exposed to comparatively lower levels of air pollution, they had higher Bad LDL and lower Good HDL.

Now, as frightening as all this may sound, you can still lower your exposure to air pollution and eliminate this awful risk to your heart. Take these 6 preventive steps and keep your healthy and fit!

1. Avoid burning wood

If you are fond of wooden stoves and fireplaces, allow me to tell you that when burnt, wood emits the most harmful of poisonous smoke. Therefore, pick out a gas or electric stove and fireplace to keep your environment free of pollutants. However, if you must keep your fireplace ablaze, pick out seasoned and dried wood instead.

Stove Smoking into Room


  1. tried Turmeric and ginger tea for 2 nights had great sleep even better than taking an Advil or Melatonin. I wondered if the best way is with root vs. spice? concerned the spice isn’t diluting well causing abdominal little pains?

  2. The thing that puts us at risk is stress, especially with nervous conditions, I’m healthy, eat properly I have fresh air, its stress that caused my heart problems.The human body and mind can’t live in a state of utter panic. I’m not worried abt air yet.


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