6 Reasons Your Butt Itches


Rashes and itchiness that tends to occur on the inside or atop the skin covering the butt can be excruciatingly painful, horribly irritating and a symptom of a serious skin condition. And the worst part is, since we can’t see our behinds unless we can twist our head to the backside, it’s hard to analyze the condition and characteristics of the rash without having someone else take a look at it. An idea that comes with a great deal of embarrassment and hesitation.

Who relishes the idea of having a doctor, male or female, stare down one’s butt or worse, stretch apart one’s butt cheeks? No one, right? But this entire embarrassment can be prevented by understanding the symptoms, spotting the condition and knowing how to treat it.

Itchy Retum

Here, take a look at the most commonly occurring butt rashes and how they can be treated:

1. Itchy & Painful Red Blisters

If your rash is extremely itchy and has painful tiny red blisters, chances are that it is an outbreak of herpes. Research reveals that this STD virus doesn’t only attack the mucus membranes within the mouth or the genitals, but in fact, it is very common for it to emerge on the skin covering the butt. The symptoms tend to be much like those of genital or oral herpes, and you can spot one or several small blisters clustered together. Your dermatologist will diagnose this condition by prescribing antiviral medications, which allow a speedy recovery.

2. Tender red bumps

Rashes that tend to tender bumps, very similar to big pimples and red in color, are an indication of folliculitis, commonly known as buttne. Medical experts believe that folliculitis occurs when the hair follicles on the upper thighs and cheeks become clogged with bacteria and dead skin cells. It’s not a very serious skin condition and you can heal it easily. Use ointments, creams and other products that contain OTC benzoyl peroxide, and be sure to take adequate preventive measures. For instance, wear light fabrics that allow the skin on your butt to breathe rather than being trapped with sweat, and always take a shower after a sweaty workout at the gym.


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