7 Best Stretches For Arthritis Pain


Yoga has proven highly effective for relieving and improving several pains and conditions related to arthritis, for instance, it can help you heal inflammation in joints, aching joints, stiff joints and all the other horrid symptoms that tend to accompany arthritis pain.

Most people assume that arthritis only takes place amongst elderly citizens, but research reveals that it is a chronic condition that can happen to anyone who lacks an adequate prevention regime, regardless of their age. Recent arthritis statistics reveal that amongst the 50 million the estimated arthritis patients in America, at least two-thirds happen to fall below the age of 65. Is that reason enough to panic and start a preventive care regime?

When arthritis tends to flare up and cause immense pain, the last thing the patients wants to do is stretch or perform exercises. But if you add some easy pain-relieving yoga poses to your daily schedule, you will experience groundbreaking results that will help heal quicker and effectively.

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Dynamic yoga stretches are highly effective for arthritis patients as they help them enhance their range of motion, along with lubricating their joints that drive away the awful pain and stiffness that is a common symptom of arthritis. We’ve compiled a list of 7 stretches that will help you improve the four key joints responsible for creating movement and motions: the spine, thoracic, shoulders and hips.

These seven stretches will help you improve your agility, flexibility and quality of movement along with relieving the pain of arthritis. #arthritisrelief #arthritisexercises
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These seven stretches will help you improve your agility, flexibility and quality of movement along with relieving the pain of arthritis. When repeated every day, they will help you bring about a marked improvement in your life quality, and enhance your ability to perform everyday tasks and routine chores, along with performance sports, like tennis, swimming, dancing and more.

Here, take a look:

1. Hinge & Reach

A remarkable stretch for a good warm-up before starting your day, your workout session or any given sports activity, such as tennis, softball sports, badminton and all other recreational activities that involve a great deal of arm-swinging and throwing.

Hinge and Reach - Can Physical Therapy Help Arthritis

You begin by standing up straight, and placing your feet at a hip-width distance. Relax your arms to the side of your body, and make sure your palms are facing each other. Now very softly, bend your knees and elongate your spine so that your hips are hinged as you stretch your arms in the front and press your glutes backwards. Be sure to keep your arms at the height of your shoulders, and your palms facing each other as you perform the entire stretch.

Very slowly, thrust your hips forward and swing your arms behind your body and you bring yourself back to a standing position. Repeat this move at least 10 times for effective results.


  1. I really appreciate your common sense stretches. Arthritis can be so debilitating. I am a personal trainer that works with a 50-80 demographic. Before we begin on any strength training they are assigned a series of stretches to open the body to the next phase of their fitness journey. I use a modified salutation to the sun to get the energy flow moving. It is a great diagnostic for blocked areas of the body.


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