The 7 Best Supplements To Boost Your Immunity


All men and women must take adequate measures to improve the abilities of their immune system by consuming a series of powerful health-improving supplements and foods. We all take great care to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, comprising of clean habits, wholesome meals, quality sleep, and a strengthening fitness regime.

All these tricks will help you beat the symptoms of an awfully agonizing flu or cold. However, if you really want to cut down your risk for developing viruses, allergies and infections, the key is to help your immune system strengthen its abilities to ward off harmful diseases.

You can boost the disease-fighting ability of your immune system by using the powerhouse supplements mentioned below, these will help you fight away all the clobbering viruses and infections that lead to heavy sneezing, runny noses and agonizing snivelling.

Here are 7 powerful cold-eliminating and flu-busting supplements that can help you work wonders at improving the abilities of your immune system. #immunesystem
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Here, take a look at these powerful cold-eliminating and flu-busting supplements that can help you work wonders at improving the abilities of your immune system:

1. Spirulina

Spirulina is a blue-greenish hued algae, which is often added to certain bizarrely coloured healthy drinks, however, most individuals discard it simply because of its weird appearance. There is ample research to validate the fact that spirulina has countless amazing health benefits. It is one of the most powerful immunity boosters offered by nature, and even though most of the research has been performed on animals, the results have revealed positively helpful evidence.

A recent study that examined its effects on human beings revealed that a daily dose of 2g spirulina can help both, men and women, in eliminating the symptoms of nasal allergies. Contrary to popular belief, it is absolutely safe to use, and it happens to be a spectacular pick if you want to reduce inflammation throughout our body, and bring about dramatic improvements in your health.

Spirulina for Cancer Patients

You can obtain spirulina in countless forms, such as liquid, powdered supplements, and pills. You can select any form that suits your convenience, just be sure to consume at least 8g every day for effective results.

2. Tinospora Cordifolia

This is an immensely powerful Indian herb that has been extensively researched on the basis of its countless benefits, which range from controlling blood sugar levels to improving the strength of the immune system.

Tinospora cordifolia has been scientifically proven to be highly effective at aiding a certain type of immune system cell, known as a macrophage, in eliminating germs and viruses that are harmful for the body.

You can obtain it by mixing it with water, ginger or ghee, and be sure to consume at least 300mg thrice a day, or at least 10-15g on a daily basis if you want to experience effective results.

Tinospora Cordifolia

3. Elderberry

This succulently delicious fruit is brimming with flavonoids, which are highly effective at eliminating the symptoms of severe congestion, along with improving the abilities of the immune system.

A recent study reveals that elderberry extract plays a crucial role in cutting down the duration of flu symptoms by nearly three days.

Medical experts believe that elderberry is extremely essential to fight off a wide number of chronic viruses, as it is brimming with mighty powerful plant compounds, known as anthocyanins, which aid in strengthening the prowess of the immune system.

Elderberry Allergy Relief

You can obtain elderberry in liquid and pill forms. Be sure to pick out reliable and well-researched brands, such as Sinupret and Sambucol.

4. Probiotics

Probiotics play a detrimental role in improving the health of one’s digestive system, and countless studies have validated the claim that they also bring about marked improvements in the abilities of the immune system.

Nearly 70% of the immunity cells are stored within the gut, and since probiotics are highly beneficial for the digestive system, they also help strengthen the immune system, and make it stronger to provide the body greater protection against viruses, infections and allergies.

Foods like kefir, yogurt and kimchi are brimming with the most powerful kind of probiotic, known as L. acidophilus, which can also be obtained in the form of pills and supplements.

The required daily dosage of probiotics is around 1-10 billion colony-forming units consumed for a period of at least two weeks for effective results.

Benefits of Probiotics for Men

5. Zinc

Zinc is an extremely powerful and essential mineral, which strengthens the immune system like no other nutrients as it stimulates the body and its organs like an antioxidant.

Several researches have validated the fact that zinc aids in reducing the length of several colds.

A recent study examined the effects of zinc lozenges at healing colds by administering them to a group of men and comparing the results with a placebo group over the duration of a week. The results revealed that the sample group who consumed zinc lozenges on a daily basis eliminated the symptoms of cold within three days.

Zinc Weight Loss

Be sure to avoid zinc sprays, as they can adversely harm your ability to smell. Instead, you can obtain zinc extracts and lozenges. Be sure to consume at least 4-25mg zinc after every three hours over the course of 2 weeks for effective results.

6. Garlic

For centuries, garlic has been hailed for its classic immunity boosting functions, and bringing about an overall improvement in one’s health.

Research reveals that garlic has a powerful anti-inflammatory and antiviral profile, which allows it to cure common colds, fevers, and flu, along with stimulating the prowess of the immune system to protect the body against viruses and allergies,

A recent study revealed that individuals who consume garlic, directly or via supplements, cut down their risk for developing countless ailments, particularly colds. Furthermore, they also cut down their risks for chronic ailments and viruses as opposed to those who don’t consume garlic on a daily basis.

When garlic is chopped or slice, its cloves will brim up your meals with a mighty powerful immunity boosting compound, known as allicin. If you are planning to add a big dose of garlic to your meals, teas or any other recipe, be sure to allow the diced cloves to sit for at least 15 minutes in order to allow the compounds to form entirely.

Garlic - Strongest Immune System Booster

You can enjoy garlic by brewing a hot cup of soothing tea, or a delicious soup perhaps. You can even add freshly chopped garlic to your casseroles, pizzas, stews, pastas and all other recipes.

You can also obtain your daily garlic dosage via supplements and garlic extracts, just be sure to consume at least 600-1,200mg every day.

7. Vitamin C

This powerful vitamin is an instant immunity booster that helps you find all kinds of colds, fevers and flus, however, you must consume it before you have caught the disease.

It is immensely essential to promote adequate functioning of the immune system, and if your consumption is extremely low than the required daily consumption, you have a greater risk to catch allergic ailments, particularly colds and flus.

A recent study revealed that examined the highly stressful physical lifestyles of 11,000 individuals, such as marathon runners and fighters. The results revealed that individuals who consumed 200mg of vitamin C every day cut down their risk for developing a cold by a whopping 50%.

How much Vitamin C to Boost Immune System

You can easily obtain vitamin C from foods such as oranges, lemons and sweet peppers. You can even obtain 250mg of Vitamin C from supplements.

The daily dosage requirement for Vitamin C is 60mg, however, if you want effective results, take at least 200mg every day.



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