7 Crazy Things That Happen When You Don’t Brush Your Tongue


Brush it Right

In order to make sure your tongue is clean and bacteria-free, you must learn the right way of brushing it. Take your brush and start gently scrubbing your tongue from the back, and very lightly, bring it towards the front. Then, brush out each side one after the other, and if using toothpaste makes you feel uncomfortable, feel free to use none.

However, using toothpaste offers a good cleanse that will keep your tongue hydrated and clean. Be sure to repeat this tongue-cleaning strategy at least twice a day.

Tongue Tools

You can actually invest in tongue cleaning tools found at all local drug stores and pharmacy. These are called the tongue scrapers, which have been ideally designed to get rid of all bacteria, food remains and all kinds of gunk that may have retained itself on your tongue.

Even though a regular toothbrush can also do the trick, a fancy tongue scraper is a good pick if you want to make your tongue-cleaning regime much more effective and fun.



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