7 Foods That Wake You Up Better Than Coffee


6. Water

Water is surely a miraculous drink to wake up your mind and can never be topped by any other sugared and flavoured drink. Our body is 90% water and even a bit of dehydration leads to drowsiness and slow functioning of the brain.

Sometimes dehydration is a reason behind headaches so just make a habit of drinking one or two glasses of water first in the morning. It will help you with your weight as well.

Drinking Water Not Hydrating

7. Eggs

Eggs aren’t bad for you rather their protein-filled yolk gives continuous energy throughout the day. So, add some eggs to your breakfast menu.

Scrambled or fried egg, half-boil or hard-boiled egg—in every way they will provide you with an energy that will last the whole day.

Hard Boiled Eggs Nutrition Facts



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