7 Signs Your Liver is in Bad Condition


Most of the people do not give importance the body organs and usually take them for granted. But actually, we do not know its importance. It has become our lifestyle to use unhealthy foods, improper night sleep, no exercise and abrupt use of Alcohol and fizzy drinks.

We can feel the importance of any organ in our body and life when it is not running properly. Same is in the case of a liver. It is the most prominent organ in the body and its vital roles are manufacturing of bile that helps in digestion, break down of the saturated fats, production of cholesterol, get rid of harmful substances, manufacturing of blood proteins that aid in clotting and help the immune system.

Here are some reasons and symptoms from which you can mull over that your liver is in bad condition.

On the Outside of the Body

Jaundice - Yellow Skin Disease

1. Skin Problems

On the outside of body from skin, you can judge the condition of your liver.

Outer skin clearly depicts the inner situation. For example Jaundice, the yellowish of skin is usually associated with the liver problem. Rashes, itches, acne and prominent blood vessels may be other symptoms.


  1. I could use some help my poor liver has been hepC+ for many years my back is a wreck lol, I’ve never been on a treatment and I hear there’s medication that can cure my liver disease, Can someone please help me?

    • There is a new treatment for HepC and I understand that its much better than inferon (not sure about spelling) I believe its called Harvoni or something like that. Look it up because its curing people?

      • in your dreams its curing people ! check out the reports how its killing people ! causes (heptocellular carcinoma) about 6 months after treatment with HARVONI !

    • Ted, I live in San Francisco area and had the HepC cure through trials! I had it 3 years ago! No side effects to complain about either! See a liver specialist hon, start there! Tell him or her that YOU want THE CURE! Good luck and God BLESS you!

    • Yes get in touch with Grubb Pharmacy in DC they have a program geared to assist those with Hep C and the treatment takes 6 weeks and the pill cost something like 18,000 a pill but thats all i know for sure

    • There are several prescription medications that are 98%+ effective at curing Hepatitus C. Cure meaning the virus cannot be detected in blood six months after the 12 to 16 week course of treatment with pills that are marketed under the names “Harvoni” and “Mayovet” amongst others. If you have Hepatitus C and are having symptoms of liver problems you should seek treatment from your local hospital Emergency Department as soon as possible. Do not delay as it could cost you your life!

    • There are several prescription medications that are 98%+ effective at curing Hepatitus C. Cure meaning the virus cannot be detected in blood six months after the 12 to 16 week course of treatment with pills that are marketed under the names “Harvoni” and “Mayovet” amongst others. If you have Hepatitus C and are having symptoms of liver problems you should seek treatment from your local hospital Emergency Department as soon as possible. Do not delay as it could cost you your life! There is help if you cannot afford the cost of this or other medicines from both the drug manufacturerers as well as your local County Department of Public Health and Social Services. If you dont know how to contact them start with dialing 611. Or ask your local healthcare provider at the Emergency Department of your local hospital. Just dont give up and dont stop asking for help.

    • Mine was the same ted..took harvoni but it made me start brusing..so they put me on a 12 week ..1 pill a day treatmeat and It kicked its ass..i no longer have hep c…the pills were vosevi..its the best..

    • Your doctor should be telling you the treatment you need, not info from people on here . There is a treatment that cures it but only your doctor knows which one is best for you.

  2. Milk thistle is a herb I think needed until you can figure out a way to get rid of the hep c. Milk thistle protects the liver.

  3. Milk Thistle, how about that ! Well. my Dr. got me on Harvoni at about 80 to100 $$$$$ a dose ! It work’s! !! Hep c was not showing up in the blood work after the first test ,

    • Hey Ramond Brightwell are you saying that It only cost 80 to $100 a pill for Harvoni? I heard it as like 80000 or something crazy like that. Also 80 to 100 $ was that the full cost or was that your copay and if it was your copay what type of insurance you have or Are you on medicaid or something similar medicare? I am only asking because my girlfriend of 12 years and mother of my child has it. I have not caught it yet and I want to help her get treated but she is on Medicaid in Ohio and I heardit was very hard To get medicaid to pay for it. What state is it that you are living in because I know there are different regulations for different States. One doctor basically told her well there’s a lot of hoops to jump through and you might as well just not bother but she and I would like to have another kid and I don’t want to catch it. Is it really that hard to get on the medication? Please reply If you have more information I would Be very grateful and If anyone else has any information on this please let me know I would greatly appreciate it more than you know . Problem is she is embarrassed to tell the Doctors she’s got Hep C. Finally I got her to tell them she has it but when she finally did that doctor treated like she didn’t matter and he just shut her right down said there was too many hoops to jump through he wouldn’t refer her nothing! Now she is really reluctant to go back and help herself Because she thinks that the other doctors will at disgusted or judge her for it and won’t help her at all. She needs it through herhealthis deteriorating she’s been sleeping sitting upwards & has aching in her right nd left sides of her back lower back and stomach problems she has lost a lot of weight recently As well. We also heard that since she has used the drug cocaine a couple of times ,although she does not use them now and has not in years, the doctors are not going to help her because she wouldn’t have contracted the disease if she didn’t do the drugs. By the way coke is a drug lots of people do so I will say this as a warning she caught her her HEp c from using a coke straw after one of our friends who told us that he had the disease. it can happen. We were friends for years he is about 63 we knew from day one that he had it we never caught it! We never thought that we could catch it like that. We never even drink after him and it’s impossible to get it through saiva about it. the weird thing is that we both had used the straw but she went right after him and i wentafter her. this was two years ago well 2 n half. I know for fact it does happen. I’ve been with her twelve years she hs never cheated and she has only ever smoked weed drink some back in her college years k and she has only ever done coke 5 x her ife, just be careful everyone. Please anyone who has help or knowledge reply. Thank you

      • well josh…does your girlfriend have a medicare advantage plan C to go along with part A and B ? if she does then you should have no problems getting medication ….how old is she ? medicare kicks in at 65, you said (MEDICAID) a state run program…not federal, and will not pay for expensive meds in ANY STATE, especially to a drug abuser !
        now as far as HEPATITIS C is concerned…NO DOCTOR in his right mind will prescribe HARVONI for her, simply because he KNOWS of her drug abuse ! and NO INSURANCE CO. would pay for an expensive medication for an habitual drug abuser ! sorry to put it to you bluntly….
        any and every doctor she goes to, WILL question her about her drug abuse ? and will NOT prescribe HARVONI or any other meds, until she goes thru drug treatment, and is clean for a lenght of time…then the HEP C treatment can begin …and by the way, you dont want to use HARVONI, unless you want to KILL HER in a matter of months…(read below ) HEP C can live inside the liver for years…alone , without the help from alcohol, or drugs, it will most likely, not do her very much damage….cirrhosis of the liver will do her great damage along with HEP C ! my advice to you is get her into a drug treatment program, get her cleaned out, detoxified, she will probably feel much better, the aching in her right side is more the effects of drug abuse, smoking, and drinking, not eating right, etc. c’mon man …dont go sticking up for cocaine, saying its a drug lots of people do ! you must know by now…druggies are in a catch 22 situation…you cant do this, because of this ! or that because of that…your living a lie in your life !

      • Hey josh this is my knowlege. Getting hep c thru sex is evtreamly difficult! I know ive been with my partner 17 years and he has not caught it. Its unfortuneate your lady got it like that, its really hard to but it does happen. As far as harvoni on medicaid, its possible. There are hoops but worth it. As for ur lady doing coke its no biddie. Email me for more… roxynelson41@yahoo.com Medicaid can/ will help i pray. God bless you if not hesting frm you as i dont know how old this g+ comment is

  4. Go to your primary care physicians, tell him/her that you need to see a (intergasternoglists, a liver specialist )
    They will do blood work, ultrasound, and a biopsy of the liver to check if you have Cirrhosis and start you on harvoni immediately which will stop and/or slow the scarran of liver. It is very very important that you don’t drink any Alcohol for rest of your life , smoke anything of any kind eat healthy and Exercise

    • nobody here has even mentioned the fact that gilead sciences wonder drug (harvoni) is causing LIVER CANCER…it comes on about 6 months after treatment with this POISON concoction…if you notice NO MORE HARVONI advertisements on T.V. anymore ! they know it..we know it…and hundreds of people are developing .(HEPTOCELLULAR CARCINOMA) very aggressive cancer !
      class action law/suits have already started in some states ! BEWARE this medication which costs $33,000 a month $100,000 for the 3 month treatment is killing people faster than the hep c virus…it WEAKENS the LIVER to the point that CANCER gets a jump start, and soon your FTP LIVER TUMOR MARKER will skyrocket to 5000, 10,000, 20,000 in a matter of 6 months!
      DO NOT USE THIS MEDICATION, avoid it like the plague, you will surely regret it if you do !!!

    • cirrhosis of the liver is caused by excessive amounts of alcohol over a period of many years…HEPATITIS C does not cause cirrhosis of the liver (SCARRING) (HARDENING) will be worsened by the use of (HARVONI) especially if your still drinking ! plus you will develop (HEPTOCELLULAR CARCINOMA)…you are right about one thing though…you can NEVER drink alcohol again, including beer…and if you smoke you must immediately cease ! if you continue …you will die of liver failure !

  5. Hep C could be caught by snorting coke, because it is blood to blood . If some one had blood in their nose which happens to coke snorters, and the next person used the straw, even the tiniest amount of blood on that straw.m would go into the next persons nostrils from a snort or two, and hep c begins. Very rare I guess, but yes easily caught this way.

    • Lynne, it is, as you put it, “very rare” to contract or pass Hepatitus C in this manner because it is NOT EASILY passed in this manner. To give you and Josh an idea of how hard it is to pass Hep C in this manner, it is a known fact that Hep C is hardly ever passed from one person to another during “regular” hetero-sexual contact. In other words, unless you are having “rough” or anal sex the likelyhood of passing or contracting Hep C is not likely. I was infected with Hepatitus C through 3 sexually active relationships where I had unprotected sex, on a regular basis, with all three partners and none of them contracted Hep C. I did NOT engage in anal sex, which, raises the chances of passing the virus because of of the increased amount if blood vessels and capillaries in the anal cavity and the greater likelyhood of rupture of those blood vessels during rough and / or anal sex. Engaging in anal sex with a partner should always include protection if abstinance is out of the question as infection with any communicable disease is more likely as a result of engaging in anal sex with an unprotected partner or partners. Passing and contracting viruses like H.I.V. and Hep C. are most likely during “closed blood to closed blood contact” as in the case of sharing needles during I.V. (intravenous) drug use or sharing inks and /or improperly sterilized barrels or needles during tattooing. That is why one should always have a licensed tattoo artist, who works in a regulated commercial tattoo shop, perform tattoos. And don’t be afraid to tell your tattoo artist that you insist on new barrels as well as brand new individual disposible ink wells and that you prefer to have all items opened in front of you to assure yoyr own safety. More Hep C infections are contracted by sharing needles than by every other source combined. Educate yourself and then protect yourself. There are also recently available drug protocols for the prevention of contracting H.I.V. from infected partners called “pRep” which are medications taken daily to prevent infection of persons more likely to be at risk of contracting H.I.V. These protocols are up to 98% effective when used in conjunction with protective barrier methods such as male and female condoms. Seek out the truth and protect yourself.

  6. Before I got cured of Hep C through the new treatment now available, $20.00 for 3 months of tablets, I was taking Milk Thistle just to keep my liver in condition whilst I had the Hep C for 20 years. My liver was always in top condition, so I would recommend it. It does not cure Hep C but it does keep your liver in good condition.

  7. Hep c is now curable. Epclusa medication for 12 weeks cured my son’s hep c this year! He also suffers with liver disease but hopefully since the hep c is gone his will become stronger.

  8. Fasting + Moringa Potent Power+ Mountain Valley Spring Water + Chia Seeds + Probiotics + Rest + Exercise + Fresh Air + Fruit & Vegetable Smoothies + Organic Whole Foods + Sunshine – Junk Food = cures. Stop eating Bullshit

    • Hero, you nailed it. And I will add meditation. Everyone has the power to heal own body, just need to have the knowledge to learn it.

  9. I got diagnosed with help c in the 70’s when I used to sell plasma. Listen to this. Since September of last year to January 12, 2018. I’ve had 7 blood transfusions from a bleeding disorder which was never located, plus I’m anemic. I had another doctor check out if my hep c might be causing the bleeding out. My results for hep c came back negative. Where did it go?

    • how could you get diagnosed with HEP C in the 70s ? when they just recently found a way to diagnose it…..yes, you might have had it that long, but rather doubtfully….you most likely had another form of Hepatitus maybe A or B , and i wouldent just go away by itself ! i doubt you had any form of hepatitus….

    • Be careful as sometimes you get a false result. I was told positive, then negative. I spent 20 something years believing I was negative until I kept getting sicker, finally they figured it out I was in final stage of cirrohsis of liver. I did the old treatment, over 9mths of horrible treatment. I went from 260pfs to a whopping 98pds! I no longer have hep c, but awaiting liver transplant. (Been denied twice) I havent used drugs in over 25yrs but my first 20 did me in. I am having complications, edema, ascites, bleeding through my colon due to liver not functioning. Thats just a few, it’s a struggle to wake up each day. I am ok to dye ae I’m in too much pain and no quality of life anymore. It could have saved me if a doctor had of done 3rd test. Please get another test done! Just to be certain.


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