7 Smart Smoothies When You Have High Cholesterol


4. Green Apple Lemonade Juice by Cherie Calbom

Green is good for heart whether they are fibrous vegetables or green fruits particularly apples. The nutritionist and author of The Juice Lady’s Living Foods Revolution, Cherie Calbom, uncovers the apple secret by telling that it’s compounds actually postponed or delay the LDL breakdown and keep your heart protected from bad cholesterol.

In supplement, green apples are super-saturated with polyphenols and pectins, which are favorable bioactive compounds. Spinach, another green, is source of potassium like bananas, which is important for heart’s health.


  • Green apples : 2 in Quantity
  • Lemon (peeled) : ½ in Quantity
  • Green leaves of spinach, kale,
  • Chard or collard : 1 Handful

Green Juice for Breakfast


Blend, stir and Serve the Smoothie!

5. Cocoa Smoothie by Bonnie Taub Dix

Bonnie Taub Dix, who is author of “Read It before You Eat It”, describes the fact that calcium in milk and potassium in yogurt together lower BP level and control weight of a person by making him feel satiated.

Cocoa beans, on the other hand, have flavanols which are extracted from them to promote health and proper functioning of circulatory system. Almonds, too, help in increasing HDL.


  • Vanilla Greek yogurt (without fat) : ½ Cup
  • Skimmed Milk : ½ Cup
  • Ripe Banana : ½ in Quantity
  • Frozen Raspberries : ½ Cup
  • Dark Cocoa Powder (Sweetened) : 1 tsp
  • Almond Butter : 1 tbsp
  • Ice Cubes : 3 Cubes

Strawberry Milkshake with Yogurt


Blend the ingredients for a minute and it’s prepared.



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