7 Yoga Poses That Burn The Most Calories


Most people tend to believe that yoga is extremely easy and not the least been grueling for a workout regime. After all, how can stretching, chanting and mediating ever melt ripples of fat and help you tone up your body, right? Wrong!

Yoga opens up your body’s abilities to perform by enhancing your capacity to endure, improving your natural balance and poise, increasing your flexibility levels and enriching you with strength. It is not just inner strength and peace that yoga provides, but also, an hour can yoga can help you kill around 600 calories and more. And the best part is, there are countless types of yoga that can help you deal with your obesity and help you slim up your target areas.

how many calories does Yoga Burn
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A restorative yoga class will help you balance your emotions and increase your inner strength, while a power yoga class will focus on burning your calories and slimming you up. Your weight loss success with yoga depends all on your choice of course and your choice of instructor.

If you’re desperate to lose some weight, we are about to share some amazing yoga moves that help you burn an amazing amount of calories instantly!

Here, take a look at 7 killer yoga poses you must learn for quick weight loss:

1. Become a Plank

The plank pose is a huge calorie burner because it engages all your body muscles as you keep your body straight and attempt to defy the mighty force of gravity. If you want to further increase the calorie burning process, just lift up one foot around an inch or two above the mat, and you’ll feel the pressure mounting up your abdomen.

And the best part is, the longer you maintain this posture, the greater the amount of calories that you burn. It is ideal to maintain this posture for at least 5 minutes every day.

Planks for Abs


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