7 Yoga Poses That Burn The Most Calories


2. Sun salutations

The sun salutations comprise of 12 poses, and they all engage your shoulders, abs, calves, biceps, glutes and triceps. They help activate and fortify your cardiovascular system, and by stretching the muscles, they energize and enhance your muscle movement.

When you inhale while expanding your muscles and exhale while contracting them, it helps oxygenate your blood and fortify your lungs. And since it involves so many muscles, sun salutations are a great early morning calorie burning ritual!

Sun salutations yoga pose for weight loss

3. High lunge

This is one of the most common yoga moves that has made its way into several workout routines. It helps you move your entire body, particularly your quads and glutes.

You need to concentrate on your balance and make very mindful movements as you stand high up and balance your weight on the ball of your back foot.

The high lunge strengthens the entire body because any move that requires you to balance your weight engages your entire body muscles and helps your burn heaps of calories.

High lunge yoga to burn calories


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