7 Yoga Poses That Burn The Most Calories


4. Dolphin

The dolphin is a fabulous yoga move that strengthens your entire body, from your torso to your legs and your arms and shoulders. It stretches your entire body and helps open up your chest and shoulders.

It’s almost exactly like the downward dog, except you need to place your forearms on the mat and that engages your entire upper body, your biceps and even your triceps.

It’s a huge calorie burner that you must add to your routine.

Dolphin - Fitness Blender 10 min Abs

5. Wheel

This move engages your arms, buttocks, legs and shoulders, and requires you to stay attentive and mindful towards form and alignment. It stretches the front of your body, along with opening your heart and fortifying your lungs.

The wheel is an aspirational yoga move, and you must warm up before performing it. However, if you perform this move after an extensive warm up and in a heated environment, your heart rate is likely to shoot up.

Wheel Yoga Pose for Quick Weight Loss


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