7 Yoga Poses That Burn The Most Calories


6. Imitate a Chair

This yoga posture involves the use of the glutes, which happen to be the largest muscles in your body. And this is exactly why assuming this posture causes such a tremendous melt-down of calories in your body.

It is an extremely easy yoga move and can be safely performed by all yoga beginners.

Chair - Easy Pose Yoga

7. Chaturanga

The chaturanga is similar to the lower portion of a push-up, and it engages all the major muscle, activating your entire body. This is an extremely difficult move and even the most advanced yoga practitioners find it challenging to pull off.

You need to control your movements and very extremely careful as you contract your core, maintain your arms at a 90 degree angle in the elbows and engage your legs.

Chaturanga Flow to Burn Calories

Yoga is extremely nourishing, healing and healthy for your mind, body and soul. It will help you get rid of all anxieties, as you tone up your body and burn down those awful calories.


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