8 Best Diabetes Breakfast Ideas



Most of us miss the breakfast to be on time at our workplaces, but forget that breakfast is the most important thing that is going to fuel our activities for the whole day. To start our day with a proper breakfast can benefit us and our health in a variety of ways. As breakfast is healthy and benefiting to a normal person, it also holds great value and importance for people with diabetes as well.

There is enough evidence to prove how breakfast plays its role in controlling blood sugar level and also in supporting weight loss. According to Jill Weisenberg, who is a Virginia based nutritionist and also the author of “Diabetes weight loss week by week”, breakfast helps one become thinner and maintaining lesser insulin resistance.

According to a meta-analysis published in Public Health Nutrition in 2015, those who skip breakfast are more prone to diabetes-type 2. So, a regular breakfast can help prevent this disease.

Know your (carb) numbers

As it is necessary for a body-builder to keep a count of his calories, diabetics also need to know their numbers, or the amount of carbohydrates consumed by them daily. People with diabetes should consult their doctor to know and keep a count of their numbers as these calculations vary from person to person. The doctor or nutritionist needs to provide a diet chart either in the form of number of exchanges per meal or the number of grams of carbohydrates to be consumed.

According to Weisenberg, diabetes type-2 patients can be more insulin-resistant in the morning than other times of the day or this cycle may not be like this always based on blood sugar control, medications or other preferences of the diabetic, so he should be aware of his numbers while planning the meals.

When a diabetic gets to know these numbers, then with the suggestion of the nutritionist, he can fill his kitchen with relevant and healthy breakfast staples as it is difficult to choose a healthy breakfast when there is shortage of time in the morning.

1. Eggs

Diabetes Breakfast Ideas with Eggs
Image: MedMD

Eggs are always associated with breakfast and a stock of full-boiled eggs can be great to provide an egg in no time when you are in a hurry.

Diabetics, although more susceptible to heart diseases, can have an egg in breakfast almost daily as 6 eggs per week do not increase the cholesterol level according to a recent research. Omega 3 rich eggs, if available, should be preferred to buy.


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