8 Best Diabetes Breakfast Ideas


2. Oatmeal

Do oats spike blood sugar?
Image: MedMD

Another valuable option for breakfast can be unsweetened oatmeal. It is very useful for diabetics as it helps in decreasing insulin resistance. It is also very easy to prepare and stored in large quantity for later use.

Some additional food groups can also be incorporated such as nuts, seeds, Greek yogurt or even berries. These food groups provide additional fiber and protein and also do not increase blood sugar level at a high rate, rather only a subtle increase in blood sugar is observed.

3. Muesli

Museli Best Breakfast for Diabetics
Image: MedMD

Another important form of breakfast is the uncooked oats, called Muesli.

According to Weisenberg, these contain resistant starch which is not only beneficial for the gut, gut flora and insulin resistance but also, less carbohydrate gets into the bloodstream due to this starch.

4. English Muffins

English Muffins for Diabetics
Image: Health Insider

Whole-grain English Muffins can be bought easily from the markets and froze for later uses, and serves as quickly prepared breakfast by defrosting them later. One table-spoon topping of one of these can be done:

  • Low fat ricotta
  • Almond butter
  • Avocado
  • Peanut butter


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