8 Best Diabetes Breakfast Ideas


5. Greek Yogurt

Low-Fat Greek Yogurt for Diabetics
Image: 24Alive

Greek yogurt has lesser carbohydrates and more proteins than the traditional yogurt and is a potential diet for your breakfast especially if mixed with fruits. Due to lesser amount of carbs, it is a good option for diabetics.

If it is difficult for you to collect fresh fruits on daily basis, they can also be frozen and stored. Greek yogurt should be preferred to be bought for single servings.

Besides taking Greek yogurt with fruits, fruit juice should be skipped along with the absence of added sugar in other dietary components for the day.

6. Omelettes

Avocado Omelet for Diabetics
Image: HealthyVogue

Omelettes, a regular dish in our breakfasts, can also be taken by diabetics as almost 6 grams of trusted protein is contained in a large egg.

The only precaution that has to be taken is the addition of veggies and avocado while preparing the omelette instead of cheese or sausages.

7. Cottage cheese

Cottage Cheese for Diabetics
Image: Health Insider

Another delicious and healthy breakfast can include cottage cheese. It is taken with fruits just as in case of yogurt.


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