8 Best Diabetes Breakfast Ideas


8. French toast or Pancakes

French Toast or Pancakes for Diabetics
Image: StyleFigures

Pancakes or French toasts are often craved by many of us. If you are a diabetic, you can still take them in your breakfast.

If you are at a restaurant for breakfast, prefer to order the ones made of whole-grain and even if you prepare the pancakes at home, they should be made with whole-grain options.

Precautions should be taken as far as toppings and portion size are concerned. Instead of sugary syrup, a tablespoon of peanut butter or no-sugar added fruits can be topped over the pancakes.

The Takeaway

Measuring blood glucose level is very important before and after whatever meal we take so as to know about its effect. However, blood glucose level at early morning can also be high due to other factors such as low quality of sleep, due to stress or any sorts of medication.

So, a breakfast should not be skipped even with a relatively high level of blood glucose level. The option of exploring new delicious meals, that have a low amount of carbs and are healthy with essential dietary components in them, should always be open.


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