8 Foods That Lower Blood Pressure


4. Dandelion

The pesky little weeds that we have always regarded as a nuisance have actually been used as an incredibly effective natural remedy for countless ailments and diseases for over hundreds of years. Several medicinal cultures around the globe, especially in Asia and Europe, regard dandelion’s roots and leaves as edible and highly beneficial for healing several chronic and common health conditions.

Dandelions not only work wonders at regulating normal blood pressure levels, but they are also splendidly healthy for the skin, eyes and liver. They are regarded as natural diuretics, which basically means that they are capable of flushing out an excess amount of sodium without causing any potassium loss, and this aids the body in lowering blood pressure levels.

You see, an excess of sodium causes the blood vessels to become narrow and this raises our blood pressure levels. Potassium, on the other hand, regulates the amount of sodium and the rate of our blood pressure levels.

Is a Dandelion a Flower

Dandelion is also brimming with an essential mineral, magnesium, which is essential for promoting the healthy functioning of the heart and body muscles. You can devour dandelion greens in your salads, or soups, while dandelion roots can be stir-fried, grilled and you can even sauté them with an assortment of herbs. Add dandelions to your daily meals and diet as much as you possibly can, they’re packed with nutrition and health benefits. You can even enjoy a piping hot cup of dried dandelion tea.

The best way to enjoy organic dandelions, which are free from all sorts or herbicides or pesticides residue, is to grow them in your own garden.


  1. I just want to say that I really enjoyed reading this article. For years I have tried to follow a heart healthy diet. However every time I turn around, the price of produce has gone up, and can not afford it all the time. Perhaps someone should work on this problem. So that all of us can be able to follow a healthy diet.

    • Yes D I been saying that for years, even thinking loudly in the stores while pinching pennies as my stomach does it’s own complaints. But the spoken out thought be, “I wonder what is done with all this food stuff that’s priced to high for people to buy. ” You’d think your vote would be active enough to ward price gauging, and retail waste.just doesn’t make sense that these stores Jack prices so high then waste your time with so called coupons that have their stipulations, which often makes them unusable, so you still are not able to afford to eat healthy. And it keep getting worse…

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