8 Surprising Foods That Are Making You Totally Exhausted


3. Coffee

If you’re experiencing sleeplessness or if your sleep quality has decreased alarmingly, chances are your coffee addiction has gotten out of hand. You see, you need a cup of coffee early in the morning to curb down your cortisol levels, a stress hormone that is raging through your body when you wake up, and give you an energetic boost. However, when you enjoy the same cup of coffee after 3 in the evening, it disrupts your sleep cycle.

Is drinking coffee good for you

Research reveals that individuals who consume coffee within or less than 6 hours before sleeping then to experience a reduction their sleep duration and quality.

4. Energy Bars

Even though some brands do contain a tiny amount of minerals and vitamins, however, most energy bars are packed with added sugars and preservatives that horribly mess up your body’s energy levels. Avoid eating them for a snack, and limit their consumption for pre-workout snack to power you up.

You see, energy bars are all packed with brown rice syrup, a sugary ingredient that messes with your blood sugar levels, and makes the supposedly healthy energy bar nothing less than an ordinary candy bar loaded with sugars.

Peanut Butter Power Bar Recipe

Instead of store-bought energy bars, why not make some homemade energy bars with natural food? Keep your ingredients minimum, like crushed nuts with fresh homemade fruit jam, and be sure not to add any sweetening ingredient whatsoever. Remember, if you really want an energy bar to energize your body, make sure it contains plenty of protein and fiber.



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