8 Surprising Foods That Are Making You Totally Exhausted


5. Oatmeal

A bowl of plain oatmeal is a great breakfast option because it will brim you up with heaps of energy to start your day. But, if you’re not being wise about the toppings, and lathering breakfast platter with heaps of flavoured packages, chocolate or maple syrup, you’re consuming lots of added sugars. You see, even ¼ cup of maple syrup, which is basically less than a drizzle to cover up one pancake, contains 50g sugar, which is a huge amount.

Such breakfast items can swallow up all your energy, and cause your body to crash later during the day. Worse, it can also cause a quick blood sugar spike that will leave you exhausted and fatigued. So instead of these unhealthy choices, make a healthy one with plain oatmeal, and for a crunchily delicious topping, toss in some nuts, chia seeds of peanut butter.

Healthy Oatmeal Breakfast Ideas

These items will enrich your body with protein and healthy fats that will energize your body, and lower your body’s blood sugar sensitivity.

6. Fruit Smoothies

If you’re buying an artificial packaged fruit smoothie, for instance Jamba Juice’s Mega Mango, keep in mind that it packs up a whopping 52g of sugar, and not a single trace of fiber, protein or healthy fats. And most of the times, we make the same mistake at home when we don’t add up good sources of protein and healthy fats into your smoothie blends.

Smoothie for Dinner Recipe

You can make the perfect nutrient-rich smoothies at home by blending in some fresh fruits and veggies that are packed with healthy fats and proteins, for instance spinach, avocado, apples, nut butters and much more.



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