8 Surprising Ways You Can Kick Your Sugar Addiction


How to Kick Your Sugar Addiction?

Here are the ways that how you can detox the sugar, and lower your sweet cravings and mood tips and most importantly it can help you lose some weight as well. Have a look:

1. Don’t cut out sugar (completely)

Leaving sugar completely is way too drastic, or returning back is pretty old habit. So the best thing is to know about the foods that contains too much sugar in them. As the nutritionists and health experts states “slow and steady wins the race”, this phrase is absolutely right for sugar related foods as well.

Quitting sugar suddenly is not that easy but making simple and small changes to your eating habits is pretty easier to endure, especially when you can easily train or change your taste buds to enjoy less sweet foods or food which aren’t sweet.

One thing people should never forget that trying to avoid sugary items with so much intensity also creates stress. And it creates “fight or fight” circumstances, and increases the hormones that suppresses the immunity and releases blood sugar levels. Both the functions are known to minimize the benefits of eliminating sugar levels at first place. These are the signs, through which you can see that you are OD-ing on sugar levels.

Eliminate Sugar Lose Weight

2. Take a drink

It is said by the nutritionists that that if you crave for sugar often, than this could be due to dehydration. It is said by the experts that water can heal. Before you hit any vending machine for a soda, drink a glass full of water and see how it reduces your craving for the sugary drink.

How Water to Drink a Day



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