8 Surprising Ways You Can Kick Your Sugar Addiction


3. Learn all the names for sugar

Yes, sugar does contain different names like lactose, molasses, brown rice syrup and dextrose and many more. In order to avoid or to take good care of your health you need to learn maximum of those alternative names.

Because the foods that contains so much of sugar but actually aren’t sweet are worse than actual sugary items and that includes baked beans, pasta and barbecue sauce, salad dressings, and some flavoured coffees. To avoid them, learn to develop the habit of reading labels and try to filter out the high in sugar foods from your shopping cart. Some fat-free items are also rich in sugar-bombs.

Different Names of Sugar on Food Labels

4. Chill out and go to bed

When you are stressed or tired, your body will more likely to crave for sugar and these cravings will result in causing insomnia or not sleeping properly or waking up again and again or too early.

It is said by the health experts that you must take a good night sleep of 8 hours every night to have a healthy mind and body and this can be possible if you avoid midnight cravings for oil and sweets. While you crave for sugar in midnight, instead for reaching out for high-sugar item, go for a small snack that induce sleeping instead of making you sleep-deprived.

Best Snacks to Eat Before Bed



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