8 Surprising Ways You Can Kick Your Sugar Addiction


5. Take a hike

When you avoid sugar, your body will ask for energy in another form and trust me you can get this from exercising regularly.

Regular physical activities will help you balance out your sugar levels, boost energy and also reduces stress levels. It doesn’t mean you have to sweat out in gym for an hour or two but start with 10 minutes a day and increase gradually according to your comfortability level. If you don’t have any gym membership or machine at home than a walk or jog will do you a great favour.

Walk Your Way to Fitness

6. Pack in protein

Taking high protein diet can literally reduce your sugar cravings and will also energize you. Protein digests slowly, keeps you feel fuller for longer, suppress cravings and appetite and aids in weight loss.

High protein diet may include eggs, yogurt, legumes, nuts, lentils and lean chicken. Combine these proteins with fibre that is vegetables, as a cherry on top.

Addicted to Sugar Help



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