8 Surprising Ways You Can Kick Your Sugar Addiction


7. Cut back on coffee

Coffee is high in caffeine and caffeine is all responsible for dehydration and imbalanced sugar levels that result in frequent and severe sugar cravings.

When you try to avoid sugar intakes and cravings, the first thing you should be doing is to reduce a cup of coffee to one cup a day. Instead of this have a cup of some other herbal tea or green tea for further more health benefits.

How much Caffeine in a Regular Cup of Coffee

8. Watch your language

Just being aware of what you talk and how you talk about sugar can literally help you reducing the cravings. Try to think what are the problems your body is facing due to too much sugar intake and build a new way of dedication towards low-sugar and healthy lifestyle.

21 Day Sugar Detox Results

Think about more exercise, good and healthy diets, good nutrition and happy life. Trust yourself with your dedication towards this new and healthy lifestyle instead of deprivation.

Sugar Addiction Rehab - 10 Day Sugar Detox Results



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