9 Foods That Could Be Giving You Diarrhea


Every one of us might have experienced diarrhea at any stage in life. The key reason behind diarrhea is bacteria or virus but some foods can also cause this illness.

It is important to know about all these foods so that you can avoid eating them. Some individuals also face pain in their stomach due to diarrhea. Now I am going to share the list of all those foods which can cause diarrhea.

1. Coffee

Coffee can become the reason of diarrhea among some individuals. Caffeine is the key ingredient in coffee that stimulates gut to rapidly contract so that the food can move through more speedily and is not absorbed. Coffee is acidic in nature and can worse symptoms of few stomach disorders.

Coffee can cause diarrhea

2. Spicy peppers

Not every individual can tolerate the spice of different peppers such as jalapenos. Spicy peppers can infuriate lining of intestines and stomach. Moreover, peppers quickly move the food through gastrointestinal tract and causes loose stools. Do not add higher quantity of peppers in your meals for keeping your stomach healthy.

When I Eat Spicy Food I Get Diarrhea


  1. What you are promoting is a one size fits all for all of the foods you are promoting but there are no warnings to be careful for those who Have Acid reflux to stay away from tomatoes which can cause a great deal of digestion distress
    Just be careful of what you are promoting. They can make you sick.


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