9 Foods You Should Never Keep In The Fridge


2. Open cans

Experts advise strongly against storing open tin cans in the refrigerator.

Research reveals that when placed in the fridge, the metal of the tin can infects the food and makes it unhealthy. Therefore, it’s better to find a glass or plastic storage container and store all the leftover food inside it.

Always wrap up your leftover food with aluminum or plastic foil to keep your food healthier and fresh with its flavor intact.

Canes Sweet Tea

3. Coffee

Research reveals that coffee is a natural hydroscopic, which basically states that it absorbs moisture, tastes and odors within an instant.

So, if you store your coffee in the refrigerator it will lose its taste and freshness within a matter of minutes.

You must always store coffee in a cool and dark spot, for instance the pantry. And be sure not to buy coffee in large quantities, despite how quickly you finish one jar because ones the coffee is roasted, it starts losing its essence and freshness.

Storing Coffee Beans in Freezer



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