9 Foods You Should Never Keep In The Fridge


6. Steaming Hot Leftovers

Never pack away a steaming hot plate of leftover food and place it in the refrigerator while it’s still hot. You see, when you steaming hot food inside the refrigerator, it only causes an electrical mishap, but also, it triggers the emergence of bacteria that will spread to all the other food item present inside the fridge.

When the fridge is exposed to heat, it has to use more energy to cool down the temperature and that may cause it to shut down entirely.

So, always be sure to pack away your leftover food in a storage container, wrap it up with foil and then allow it to cool down to room temperature before you place it inside the refrigerator.

Is it ok to put hot food in the refrigerator

7. Watermelons

A recent study revealed that storing a sliced or unsliced watermelon in the fridge reduces its antioxidant content. You see, watermelons are rich in carotenoid, a kind of antioxidant that tends to deplete in cold environments.

Hence, if you want your fruit to last longer, keep it out of the fridge and in a balanced room temperature.

A medium sized water melon has a shelf life of two-three weeks, provided that it is stored at 55°F. But if you store it inside the refrigerator at 40°F, it will expire in less than a week.

Watermelon Nutrition Label



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