9 Foods You Should Never Keep In The Fridge


8. Tomatoes

If you have your own tomato garden, you will be familiar with the fact that storing even fresh tomatoes in the fridge can ruin their taste and turn them watery overnight.

Research reveals, that the cold environment of the refrigerator tears apart the membranes inside the tomatoes walls, and makes them watery and mealy. Hence, it is advisable to leave them in an open environment, be it a well-ventilated root cellar or the kitchen counter.

Even after being picked up, tomatoes continue to ripen, however, be sure to eat them before they turn mushy because of being overripe. Or you can always create heaps of tomato sauce and store in the fridge for long-term use.

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9. Onions

Keeping onions in the refrigerator exposes them to humidity and this causes them to start sprouting. You see, much like a potato, a wet and cold environment coverts the starch of an onion into sugar.

Always be sure to store your onions in a dry and cool environment, for instance a root cellar that is nicely ventilated.

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